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Silfab Standard Modules      
line   60-Cell Mono Module  

Silfab Ontario supplies innovative photovoltaic products that guarantee long-term high-efficiency, reliability, and durability and are UL and ULC certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Our mono and multi-crystalline PV modules are produced with 60 and 72 high-efficiency mono- and multi-crystalline solar cells with a power up to 335 Wp. Built with 3 busbar technology, our modules provide a high nominal power per surface unit and ensure competitive performances both in terms of productivity and conversion efficiency rates.

These crucial performances can benefit any customer not only looking to buy an Ontario Domestic Content compliant module, but also seeking to minimize the resulting balance of system costs.

In addition to module manufacturing, our companies have been licensed to assemble and distribute in Canada and the U.S. mono-axial sun tracking systems designed by Italian leading PV company ESPE S.p.A. The technology has already been installed in over 70 MW of PV plants across Europe and showing an average increase in solar farm productivity of 25-30 percent in comparison to fixed PV systems.

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•  Power peaks: 245/285 Wp (60 cells); up to 290/335 Wp (72 cells)
•  Power tolerance range: 0+ 5 Watts 
•  Product warranty: 12 years
•  Guaranteed performance: over 90% in 12 years and 82% in 25 years
•  Cells efficiency: 19.5+% (as per the most advanced suppliers)
•  UL and ULC certifications by CSA
•  Ontario FIT domestic content compliant

Built with 60 and 72 high-efficiency mono- and multi-crystalline high-efficiency, serially-connected solar cells, our modules have shown to increase by 10% the nominal power obtained by solar plants of equal area and built with traditional module technology.

All our modules are suited for rooftop and ground-mounted applications and, as demonstrated by electric tests conducted by the Fraunhofer Institut, guarantee an optimal spectral response and energy output even in low light conditions.

Each module is provided with a solid and highly durable anodized aluminium frame and a layer of 3,2 mm-thick tempered glass that withstands the most extreme weather conditions and temperatures, including a bombardment of 25 mm hailstones traveling at 51.6 mph and temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F). Our modules have also been tested to withstand wind loads up to 130 km/hour.

The modules’ junction box is specifically designed to reduces ohmic losses due to the interconnection of different modules within the same PV plant.

Both SLA and SLG module series operate with a positive-only power tolerance to guarantee that the effective power output exceeds the module’s nominal power – a crucial benefit that significantly enhances the overall productivity of photovoltaic systems.

Specifically designed for greenhouse applications, our SILUX module series provides high power outputs while ensuring the level of enhanced transparency and lighting necessary to agricultural cultivations.
Built with a wider distance between cells and a backsheet made of transparent tedlar, SILUX modules not only guarantee an additional transparency that exceeds 20% (in comparison to traditional modules) but also provide a superior conversion efficiency.

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  12-year limited product warranty and a 25-year limited power warranty.
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