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Trina Standard Modules      
line   Monocrystalline Module  

Tina produce standard solar monocrystalline modules ranging from 175 W to 245 W in power output and multicrystalline modules ranging from 220W to 240 W in power output, for residential, commercial, industrial and other solar power generation systems.

As of December 31, 2008, Trina's annual module capacity of 350 megawatts (MW). The total annual production capacity from ingots to solar modules was up to 550MW by the end of 2009.

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  • High powered modules from 165W to 240W, providing solutions for variety of applications.
  • All modules designed and manufactured in China at an ISO 9001 certified factory.
  • Modules are UL1703 safety rated for high wind pressure, hail impact, snow load and fire.
  • Integrated bypass diodes to protect the solar cell circuit from hot spots during partial shadowing.
  • Anodized aluminum frame improves load resistance capabilities for heavy wind loads.
  • Our module technology ensures there are no problems of water freezing and warping.
  • Low power tolerance of +/-3% helps higher output power, by reducing module string mismatch losses.
  • Two monocrystalline cell technologies with efficiencies up to 16.8%: High efficiency 125x125mm cells as well as new 156x156mm cells with 3 bus bar design for improved performance and reliability.
  • Highly transparent, low-iron, and tempered glass and antireflective coating increases energy yield.
  • New eco-friendly packaging minimizes cardboard waste and requires less transportation and storage space.
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line   Multi-crystalline Module  
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We provide industry leading warranty for all our modules. We guarantee 90% of power output for the first 10 years of the modules life and 80% for the next 15 years for a total of 25 year limited warranty. In addition to this performance guarantee, we are proud to offer our customers up to 5 years warranty for materials and workmanship.

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