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DICONAL® - system clamps MMK and MEK provide the perfect handling.
They are simple, fast, secure and flexibly installed in 3 easy steps. MMK and
MEK clamps fit to all system profiles.

1. Pre-mounted DICONAL® clamps MMK and MEK are positioned in the
profile with an L-shaped movement. First it is inserted down into the profile
and then pushed forward to the stop position.

2. Turn the screw 2-3 times (up to the marking line). By doing so, the
DICONAL® - system clamp is secured from falling out - its position may still
be varied to the left or right towards the solar module. A spring integrated in
the DICONAL® - system clamp helps positioning the modules by retaining
the middle clamp sufficiently upright.

3. The solar panels are clamped in a last step. To do so turn the screw of the
clamp with 10 Nm.



  Components List      
DHS-11-KVC Roof Hook   P40 Mounting Rails   KV-40-EV1 Rail Connector    
  End Clamp   midclamp    
KV-80-EV1 Rail Extension Jointer   MEK End-Clamp   MMK Mid-Clamp    
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