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Submitting an Application      

There are three steps to submit a FIT Program application:

  1. Register for the FIT Program.
  2. Submit your application online - the OPA will send you a confirmation email and a reference number specific to your application.
  3. Submit your application package by mail to the OPA within five business days.

The application package must include:

  • two paper copies: one original¬†prominently marked "Original" and one additional copy
  • one electronic version provided on a searchable CD-ROM
  • application fee
  • application security (if applicable)
  • authorization letter (Exhibit A)
  • evidence of land access rights
  • evidence that the agricultural land restrictions have been met (applicable to ground-mounted solar PV projects greater than 100 kW).

More details on the required application materials listed above can be found here.

Program Flowchart      
The following diagram summarizes the key steps in the FIT Program application process.      
  Attention: The above information is for your reference only, you are encouraged to visit the OPA website at fit.powerauthority.on.ca for the latest updates and requirement on FIT programs.      
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